Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oscars bleacher seats are ‘once in a lifetime experience’

The success of the Academy Awards is built on its global fan base. And each year, the Academy allows fans from around the world to apply for seats along its Oscars Red Carpet.

Every September, fans enter a global online lottery to sit in the bleacher seats flanking the Red Carpet. Details for the 85th Academy Awards' "fan experience," as the Academy calls it, will be announced on Monday, Sept. 17 24. (View details here.)

In anticipation of the announcement, The Gold Knight asked a recent bleacher fan from Great Britain a few questions about his experience.

Robert Mills in the bleacher section in 2011.
Robert Mills, of Cardiff, Wales, was one of the lucky fans sitting along the Red Carpet at the 83rd Academy Awards on Feb. 27, 2011.

The studio manager of Bluegg, a British design studio in Wales, recalled his experience with The Gold Knight by answering some questions for us.

The Gold Knight: Why did you apply?
Robert Mills: I'm a massive film fan and have been watching the Oscars on the TV for years. I love anything related to behind the scenes of films and thought seeing the Oscars from a different perspective would be interesting and a once in a lifetime experience. I thought I'd try my luck but never for a second thought I'd get seats, especially as it was my first year of trying.

TGK: Even though airfare and hotel accommodations are not included, was it worth the trip?
Robert: Definitely. It was a long way from the UK for one day though so my friend and I stayed for a week afterwards, too.

Mill's view of the Red Carpet from his bleacher seat.
TGK: What was your most memorable experience?
Robert: After we watched the ceremony in the theater across the road from the Kodak Theatre, we came out and all the bleachers and the red carpet were empty. We saw through a gap that Sandra Bullock (whom we just watched on screen present the best actor award) was walking down the carpet towards her limo. It was nice to see such a star in a candid moment (although the whole day was special).

TGK: Where did you sit in the bleachers?
Robert: We sat about halfway along opposite the little stage where the MC was pulling the stars up to interview.

TGK: Every bleacher fan gets a goodie bag. What was in your gift bag?
Robert: I can't remember exactly. We did have a T-shirt, some snacks and a poster.

TGK: Would you do it again?
Robert: I would but not straight away. I think I will try again in two or three years time.

Stay tuned to The Gold Knight Blog on Monday for complete details on the global contest.
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  1. Why haven't I heard anything yet about the bleacher seat lottery??

    1. We haven't heard much about bleacher seats... But we found this on Twitter:

      It seems those who have been selected were already notified...

  2. i already sign up so im just waiting for sep 16! so excited this will be the best thing ever! crossing fingers lol


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