Our Top 10 (and Worst 3)

Over the course of the last few months, The Gold Knight has featured movie reviews from our correspondents and rated those movies. It...

Over the course of the last few months, The Gold Knight has featured movie reviews from our correspondents and rated those movies. It's hard to cover the Oscars without covering the films that could be honored. After all, the Academy Awards is all about cinema and honoring great moviemaking.

To that end, The Gold Knight presents our Top 10 films of 2010. Deciding on a single set of 10 films that are the "best" is subjective. Because of this our correspondents, along with editor James A. Molnar, will present their own lists.

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Jake Howell
TGK Correspondent

10. "Eccentricities of a Blonde-Haired Girl"
102-year-old filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira seems to churn out excellent work every year, and 2010 was no exception. This film (only one of two he directed last year) is possibly his most cynical, an illusory dissection of what makes love tick. And at a tight 63 minutes, Oliveira gets right to the point.

9. "Please Give"
"Please Give" is an examination of yuppies that grew up too fast, and Gen Xers that can’t grow up fast enough. A very of-the-moment film, "Please Give" never strays far from the realm of early Woody Allen.

8. "The Exploding Girl"
The most intimate film on this list, "The Exploding Girl" is carried by Zoe Kazan’s quiet performance as a college student conceding to the world around her. SPOILER ALERT: Nobody explodes.

7. "Shutter Island"
It took me a couple of viewings to fully appreciate Martin Scorsese’s latest feature. At first, I thought it was a solid, creepy thriller, but nothing more. Upon viewing it again, though, Scorsese’s real intentions became clear. "Shutter Island" is an elegy to Hitchcock and Fuller, as well as film-noir and the horror films of yesteryear.

6. "Black Swan"
If Natalie Portman doesn’t get an Oscar nomination for this one, then there’s no honor in the Academy. She’s really stepping out of her comfort zone here, but then again, anyone would be.

5. "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger"
This is Woody Allen’s best film in more than a decade. No, it’s not his most even work, but it has so many brilliant moments that it’s impossible to overlook. Unlike other films in his oeuvre, it doesn’t wrap up neatly, and tends to lean on the more contemptuous side of the auteur’s personality. But that’s really where its appeal comes from.

4. "The Town"
Sure it’s just a genre retread, but what’s wrong with that? At the risk of sounding to critic-y, let me just say that "The Town" is exhilarating, and the best film yet in the recent Boston-crime thriller subgenre — and that includes "The Departed." Ben Affleck has proven once again that not only can he be a great actor, but a great director as well.

3. "The King’s Speech"
Don’t let the dull trailer and boring poster fool you: "The King’s Speech" is a great movie. Featuring no less than three of the best performances of the year (by Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter), this is the one film that could give "The Social Network" a run for its money at the Oscars. Its scope is wide, but "The King’s Speech" is actually quite intimate.

2. "Exit Through the Gift Shop"
Whether this film is authentic or not is beside the point, because either way it’s still a genius film, a post-modern dissection of the definition of “art.” But that’s not to say it’s not accessible. Indeed, it’s often hilarious, always fascinating, and never less than entertaining.

1. "Toy Story 3"
This is a completely selfish number one. I was 4 when I saw the first "Toy Story" in 1995. I was 18 when I saw this one last year and, just like the character of Andy, about to go to college. Like many people my age, I’ve grown up with this series, and with Andy. The timing is perfect. So perfect, in fact, that this was the only film this year to bring me to tears. And you just can’t beat sentiment.

3 Worst Movies
3. "Morning Glory"
"Morning Glory" is inadvertently about everything that’s wrong with television, as it traces the hiring of a new producer to a morning show, who subsequently turns the program to smut.

2. "Jonah Hex"
Don’t even get me started on this one. Is it too much to complain that it’s the worst lit film I’ve ever seen? Because it is. I could barely tell what was going on half the time. How this film attracted the talents of John Malkovich, Josh Brolin and Michael Shannon (wait, who was Michael Shannon in this?) I will never know.

1. "The Last Airbender"
Where do I begin? First off, everything about this movie is awful. Secondly … well, actually that pretty much covers it.

Heather Leszczewicz
TGK Correspondent

10. "Easy A"
Emma Stone is amazing. Plus the quote about chivalry and '80s movies, so true.

9. "Kick-Ass"
Chloe Moretz as the foul-mouthed, pint-sized crime fighter Hit Girl made this film for me.

8. "Love & Other Drugs"
A sweet, love story that explores all the ins-and-outs of a relationship that has extra complications.

7. "Never Let Me Go"
A sci-fi story wrapped up in a British drama. Just as good as the book on which it's based.

6. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1"
I loved it, but then again, I love everything Harry Potter.

5. "The Social Network"
It's sort of sad that this movie made me feel old, but just reliving the beginnings of Facebook brought back so many memories.

4. "The Kids Are All Right"
Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as a couple, so great. Then there's crazy family issues: Mark Ruffalo as the sperm donor father and a kid named Laser.

3. "Inception"
There were some serious mind-bending scenes in this movie and all the actors were perfectly cast.

2. "How to Train Your Dragon"
I know I'm in the minority, but this was the best animated feature I saw this year. It makes me laugh, I love the voices and the story itself is just wonderful. I could watch it over and over again.

1. "The King's Speech"
Colin Firth is so good as the stammering Prince Albert. I really hope he racks up the awards. Then the relationship that he and Geoffrey Rush cultivate — it's funny, sad and introspective.

3 Worst Movies
3. "The Last Airbender"
As a fan of the animated series, it felt as if M. Night Shyamalan sucked all the joy out of the plotline. The fight scenes and special features were great, but I was left feeling bored and disappointed throughout the rest of the film.

2. "Sex and the City 2"
This was "Sex and the City" on vacation, a very bad, poorly written vacation. While the fashion was still there, what makes the SATC ladies so wonderful wasn't.

1. "Killers"
Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher together? And they're being hunted by assassins? And it's a romantic comedy? This movie's so far-fetched and ridiculous. Plus the acting's horrible.

Jackson Quick
TGK Correspondent

10. "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work"
This refreshing look at the waning side of fame has garnered steady Oscar buzz since its release, and gave a whole new perspective on the often underrated Joan Rivers. [Editor's Note: Unfortunately, the documentary did not make the shortlist.]

9. "The Town"
Ben Affleck brought us a heist movie with heart that showed off his directorial talents, and gave me a reason to love Blake Lively.

8. "Never Let Me Go"
A depressing look at the essence of life and the importance of youth, young British A-listers Knightley, Garfield and Mulligan give stellar performances as jaded, life-hungry organ donors.

7. "127 Hours"
Danny Boyle brings more of his exciting MTV-style directing, which adds pulsating life to this film that largely takes place in one set with one actor.

6. "The King's Speech"
The performances in this Oscar favorite speak for themselves, but this biopic contains some exciting compositional tricks that will have film buffs giddy in their chairs.

5. "Mother and Child"
Largely unseen and definitely under appreciated multi-plot drama with beautifully restrained performances from Naomi Watts, Annette Benning, Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson.

4. "Toy Story 3"
Pixar continues its golden streak with a third installment sequel that's as heartwarming and exciting as the first while providing a great sense of closure to the tried and true Disney/Pixar franchise.

3. "Inception"
Perhaps the year's most buzzed about film, this mind-bending surrealist heist lived up to its aggressive hype and proved Chris Nolan still loves confusing the hell out of us.

2. "The Social Network"
Much more than just 'The Facebook Movie', "The Social Network" is a conversational examination on the struggle to form real connections in a digital world.

1. "I Am Love"
Lush, sophisticated melodrama with an expectantly tour-de-force performance by Tilda Swinton and beautiful directing by Luca Guadagnino, this film's invisible release will most likely lead to some of the most depressing snubs in recent Oscar years.

3 Worst Movies
I really try to avoid the movies I know will be bad ("Sex and the City 2"), but that doesn't mean I'm immune to the failure. Here's the 3 Worst movies I actually did go out and see:

3. "Date Night"
Don't be fooled by the all-star comedy cast, this movie's nothing but cheap thrills and a LOT of slapstick.

2. "Going The Distance"
A romantic comedy that attempted to bridge the gap between guy flick and chick flick, and oh how miserably did it fail.

1. "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger"
When did Woody Allen stop caring, some time around the mid-'80s?

Twitter account
James A. Molnar
TGK Editor

Top 10 movies of 2010
Taking a break from covering the Oscars, I sat down and figured out my favorite movies from 2010. While some movies are among the top contenders for Oscar gold, others are simply excellent films.

10. "Secretariat"
Make fun of me all you want: This is the feel-good movie of the year. Diane Lane is exquisite and charming.

9. "Moon"
This movie had a limited release in 2009 and was eligible for the Oscars — only to have Sony decide against a large campaign. I watched the space-age sci-fi movie from director Duncan Jones last April and it left an impact on me. Kevin Spacey brilliantly lends his voice to the sinister computer GERTY.

8. “Shutter Island”
This Martin Scorsese mystery stands out for its beautiful cinematography, editing and story. The haunting score is the perfect mélange of modern classical music.

7. "The Kids Are All Right"
Annette Bening and Julianne Moore are perfect in one of the year’s most sincere stories.

6. "Inception"
Christopher Nolan has earned the Oscar for Original Screenplay. Hands down. He spent 10 year perfecting this ultimate heist movie. Breathtaking visuals. Mind-bending story. Superb acting. Haunting soundtrack.

5. "127 Hours"
This is an extraordinary story of a man put in extraordinary circumstances. Director Danny Boyle perfectly captures the raw energy and emotion of desperation on screen. The editing and cinematography are brilliant. This gut-wrenching portrait is a must-see.

4. "The King's Speech"
While this movie is one of my favorites of the year, I was left wanting even more. I wanted more speeches and even more story. "The King's Speech" is a sophisticated story of a man who needs to overcome the barriers he has built for himself. Tom Hooper's direction is remarkable; David Seidler's screenplay is perfect; Danny Cohen's cinematography works wonders; and Alexandre Desplat's score is quietly striking.

My Top 3 are movies that left me emotionally impacted and raised the bar in filmmaking:
3. "Black Swan"
Watching this modern, fantastical thriller was intoxicating. This is a movie where every element worked perfectly together. When the final credits rolled, I was ecstatically pleased with the climax and journey on which I was taken. I cannot remember a film that left me so gitty and thrilled with a movie.

2. "Toy Story 3"
The raw emotion elicited from this animated film is gobsmacking. I left the theater a basket case. Pixar has the unique ability to create a surreal experience with characters we have grown to love. The toys could be nominated for best acting. I am convinced if the Disney/Pixar team made a live action film, it could win Best Picture.

1. "The Social Network"
Its high-energy, fast-paced nature make this film easy to watch and love. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and director David Fincher brilliantly deliver an unforgettable adventure and thrill ride. Viewers are immersed into the film and are suddenly invested in the story. It is hard to watch passively. Eyes are glued to the screen for the two-hour running time, making for an atypical movie-going experience and the best film of 2010.

Honorable mentions: “Waiting for ‘Superman,’” “The Town,” "True Grit," "Easy A" and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1”

Worst 3 Movies
3. “The Virginity Hit”
I saw this one at a press screening. I may be one of a handful of people who saw this movie. It was a raunchy, outlandish experience but ad nauseam.

2. “Vampires Suck”
I cannot even believe I saw this movie. Based on the content, this movie was — at best — a 90-second YouTube video extended to a feature film.

1. “Dear John”
My friend dragged me along to see this movie. I thought the movie was disagreeable in every way. Even my friend didn’t enjoy it because the plot of the original book was drastically altered.

Dishonorable mentions: “Grown Ups” and “The Last Airbender”



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The Gold Knight - Latest Academy Awards news and insight: Our Top 10 (and Worst 3)
Our Top 10 (and Worst 3)
The Gold Knight - Latest Academy Awards news and insight
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